Westbury Baptist Church  |  "Parklands" 53 Franklin Street, Westbury, Tasmania  |  03 6393 2126 



Westbury Baptist Church is located in the beautiful and historic township of Westbury, about 25 minutes from Launceston. The Western Tiers provides a stunning backdrop to this rural township that services the local agricultural community. The town hosts a number of tourist attractions including Pearn’s Steam World which holds an amazing collection of old steam and farm equipment, as well as Australia’s only reputed traditional village green, and should be included in any travel plans to explore Tasmania.


Westbury Baptist Church is home to a friendly, Christ centred fellowship of believers. Our goal is to ‘Know Christ Better and to Make Him Better Known’.  Our Minister, Pastor Michael Ritchie, is an able and gifted teacher of the Bible. Each week, we study a portion of the Bible as we work through a Book over several weeks/months. If you enjoy clear Biblical teaching and a thorough knowledge of Biblical history, then you will enjoy the weekly sermon.


The demographic, like many rural towns, is ageing, but the congregation is characterised by a strong sense of purpose, fun and that old larrikin spirit, so typical of rural townships and locations. The format of the church service is traditional, as is the nature of worship. But there is a heart for change and the desire for younger families to join the congregation.


We meet each Sunday at 10.00am and any visitors to the township or region are warmly welcome to attend. Local residents are especially invited to attend. The after service cuppa is a great time to make yourself known.



Church Services & Other Meetings (53 Franklin Street, Westbury)


Worship:                      10am each Sunday

Chat ‘n Choose:           9:30am -12pm Thursday

Men's 8 Ball:                7:30pm Thursday 


Westbury Baptist Church

Prayer Meeting:          10.00am Friday

Bible Study:                11.00am Friday

Kid’s Club:                   3.15pm - 4.45pm Fortnightly Friday at the                                                Church during school term