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Pastor Westbury Baptist Church


Our pastor will be retiring at the end of December 2021 and the Church is looking for a qualified person with a young family, preferably of primary school age, and a partner who is supportive to the extent that work, life and/or family commitments will allow. A working partnership is very welcome, but not an expectation.


This is a full time position but the Westbury Baptist Church is willing to negotiate alternative arrangements to both the hours worked and the duties undertaken. Nonetheless, the Church is determined to create a spiritual footprint in Westbury. It is our very prayerful ambition to build a church that is relevant, outward looking and willing to become the ‘hands and feet’ of Christ’.


The new Pastor will need to develop a range of strategies to engage people and develop constructive opportunities to bring people into God’s orbit. Church growth is not the main goal but rather ‘making Him better known’. We are a church that needs rejuvenation. The focus must be on determining those areas of need in Westbury and in particular, reaching out to families. Clearly, there is a strong requirement to network, build strong personal relationships and integrate the church into the fabric of the Westbury community.


The Church Leadership has prepared a range of documentation: A profile of the local Westbury community, a Position Description, the Skills/Attributes we are seeking in a Pastor, and an outline of those beliefs that are important to us as a church. We also have a Plan Envisioning the Future 2022-2025.


For further details contact the Tasmanian Baptist Union on 03 6391 2202






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